16 painting project

I’ve decided to undertake a type of challenge where I paint 16 small pictures, in February. I’ve been following some artists who have done similar projects, so it’s not original but I’m hoping to kick start a change in my painting.

Why 16? Well I’ve just prepared eight, 8″x 6″, double sided boards, so a major hurdle has been overcome. The small size means I don’t have to spend ages on each painting, in fact this is a big part of the project.

The other major stumbling block is what to paint? The subject is so often the block to creating work and to overcome this these paintings are all simple landscapes that I know  well, using photos I’ve taken when walking the dog. The thing is not to agonize about the subject but spend time painting.

There is a formula to the paintings, which will help simplify the process and control the outcomes.

  1. using 8×6 boards
  2. identify between 3 to 5 values
  3. identify 5 to 7 main shapes
  4. premix the main colours, making a light and dark of each colour
  5. Identify and place the Notan of the scene
  6. Painting time : between 20 – 60 minutes

Of importance to this project is to discuss the outcomes with an audience. This requires setting up a Private Facebook page, where the paintings can be uploaded and viewed by a select group of artists. Ideally the other artists will participate in a similar project that suits their purpose.

Painting No. 1

painting 1

Headley Heath



  1. I am enjoying the devopment of your style of painting Hugh and I find your recent project very interesting. I might try something similar as I know when you set a time limit on your painting you can produce very different results.
    I haven’t made any comments for a while I know, but as I said I am enjoying your work it’s looking really good.
    I am travelling to Scotland in the summer with Janet and Pete, and really looking forward to it.
    Good luck with the project

    1. Hi Lesley, Its great to hear from you. I’m getting a lot from the project and find I’m looking forward to the next painting. Also as a series of paintings they are forming into a group which is pleasing. I hope you get to try this process and I look forward to seeing your work. Have a great time in Scotland. Hugh x

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