Headley Heath

Molly and I went for our morning walk at Headley Heath, near Leatherhead, mid-January on a fine but cold start to the day. I took photos of scenes that inspired me, mainly the suns’ effect on the landscape. It was very muddy in the woods so we tried to keep to the open heath land where the Gorse was just starting to bloom.

We found a pond which was circled by small trees and the Gorse was being lit by the rising sun. I was looking for this specific scene as it included several elements I’ve been looking to include in a composition.

  1. water
  2. distant vegetation
  3. smaller trees that grow in front of the water, at varying distances
  4. Strong shadows that really influence the composition

This picture encompasses all these points. The idea is that the trees provide depth by receding towards the horizon but the water can be seen through the trees providing interest. The vegetation in the distance creates warmth.

Headley Heath

Morning sun at Headley Heath




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