Month: March 2019


Another source of interest for me are horses. I’ve painted them a few times in the past and find them fascinating to draw. These two studies are experiments to see if the media and techniques would work if I took on the challenge of taking them further.




Animal Paintings

The Art Club has hosted a couple of animal artists recently and this has pushed me towards trying my hand at painting pets. Of course Molly has been painted before but she is a difficult subject as her colouring doesn’t reflect light that much. Her eyes often get lost under her brows and some of her features hidden beneath her curly coat. So after her latest grooming session I thought it was a good opportunity to try painting her again.


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at painting a cat for a while but I’ve not had any references to work from. I was looking for specific attributes, such as posture, colouring, light and dark. I found the photo after much searching and paying the artist reference royalty fee. I love the composition and colouring of the cat plus the look in its eyes



Plein Air February & March

Below are the pictures I’ve painted over the last couple of months.

After a snowy spell we turned up to a misty Plaistow in Surrey. I found the morning very frustrating as the day turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon. Too late for the painting.


The following week was Shamley Green and I did struggle getting a composition going. This is an extract from the painting, the rest was scrubbed out.

S green

I really enjoyed Hambledon after a serious gripe about the narrowness of the Surrey lanes. I spent the morning in the graveyard with the grave digger and daffodils, and a  good time in the pub with the other artists afterwards.


Great Bookham was cold and grey, with the easiest place to paint – another graveyard! And no food at the pub.


Finally I spent a fascinating morning at the 180th Chertsey Ploughing Match.