Month: December 2019

December Plein Air + other work

Not so much work created this month due to the exhibition and Christmas. Plus the weather has been so wet…


Above are my paintings for the 4 Surrey Artists exhibition at Bourne Hall. The show went well and I sold a couple of paintings to some lovely people. It was interesting to see all the paintings up in one place and this has given me ideas for the future.


I managed to get out a couple of times, once to the Wey… and the other to Steers Field on Ranmore Common


I’ve also been able to try some ideas out in the studio by developing other scenes from my plein air locations


Steers Field, Ranmore and the Belted Galloways


Papercourt Lock




Sketchbook Work

I’ve been working in my sketchbook but from my studio recently. This approach allows me more time to think but not over think or over work the studies. They have all been of the River Wey and the Navigation Canal. This is a favorite place of mine, where I can relax, not have cars around me and concentrate on relatively simpler subjects.



Papercourt Lock


Wey at Newark Lane


Wey Meadows at Newark Lane


Papercourt Lock


Papercourt Lock