Month: August 2017

August Art

August has been another month of Plein Air painting, which would be good if I could produce anything on the day. I find its so hard to get all the elements together, composition, colours, tone and drawing.

I’ve been a part of three Plein air groups and its great discussing art, looking at their work and feeling a part of the local art world. I’ve used oils, watercolours and line & wash at these events, depending on the time and location.

Plein Air attempts: Box Hill (watercolour), Mickleham (oil), Headley (line & wash) and Bushy Park (line & wash)


Polesden Lacy (oil)

We took Molly to see the sea on the 5th and she had a wonderful time playing in the surf and racing across the sand. We had lunch at the Bluebird Cafe, Ferring and got drenched in a storm. Here are some paintings I’ve worked up from the trip


Bluebird Cafe , Ferring

Ferring walk

Taking Molly to see the sea

Ferring storm

Storm Approaching

I’m keen to add interest and a story where I can find them to my paintings. Including animals and people are great ways to add life. On a dog walking trip to Headley we found some Belted Galloways under a tree. ..

Belted galloway

Belted Galloways, Headley

On another walk we startled a deer in Norbury park…


Finally I really liked a painting submitted in Pintar Rapido and wanted to see if I could paint something similar. Its of a cafe on Sloane Square.