Month: February 2016


My next project is a model of my daughters horse – Candi. I’m now calling these models rather than sculptures as I feel they are representations rather than works of art. The difference is a point of view but one that makes me think I need to move towards art rather than models (craft).

I started with an armature of wire and foil and covered with the Super Sculpey.

Horse 4

The hooves were added later using epoxy putty. Not sure I would do this way again.

Next was to safely harden the clay in the oven, not confusing the temperatures and covering with a grey primer

I’ve added a fence to cover the supporting wire and giving a reason for the horse to jump.

Next painting. I’m using cheap acrylics and they are, I’m finding, not ideal. They are shiny and don’t merge easily. I would be better off with an airbrush but this is an investment I need to decide on for the future. I’ve also discovered a whole sub-culture of model horse painters. I think they are all horse riders/ enthusiasts who want to take their interest into art. They use powdered pastels and layers of lacquer to get the best smooth results.

Horse 5

Happy with some elements of the of modelling but not with the painting. I need to think this through a bit more. It would be interesting to make a mold and see what alternative finishes are out there – marble, granite, metal, monotone…


New Project

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sculpting for ages and so I thought I would give it a go.

I decided on an oil based clay called Super Sculpey. Its used for all sorts of modelling and can give pretty good detailing.

What subject to model ? Well I’ve had an idea to try out a farmyard animal for a while and I thought a pig would be a good place to start. Not too complicated and no problems with fur or feathers.

I looked online and found the Old Spot Gloucestershire an ideal subject. Full of character, nice shape and not to much detailing. I drew some sketches to get a feel of the animal.

Next to find out what I needed to buy to get started. Obviously Super Sculpey but looking online the list grew. Here are some of the items….

Super sculpey

The first task is to create an armature or skeleton using the wire. I found the wire in a garden center, loads of it with a low price to match. I then bulked the frame out with foil from the kitchen cupboard. I enjoyed this process but the sharp ends of the wire can be painful. Pictures of the pigs skeleton and muscle structure helped.

Pigs 3

Next to ‘flesh’ it out with the modelling clay. This is a multi-layered process.

Looking promising I softened the skin with a spirit and made fine adjustments. Then to bake in the oven…. paint and display.

Disaster!!  I mistake Fahrenheit with centigrade and its a hog roast!

Pigs 6  Ruined! Start again……