Month: November 2017

Still Life: Eggy Breaky

I really enjoyed the last painting of the Loaf & Jug but feel I need to produce my own original image and composition. I also feel the ‘classic still life’ is a legitimate route but not one I want to really focus on. I felt it lacked spontaneity and did not really reflect a contemporary route.

I really wanted a warm and even humorous picture that was light and used softer tones. The other idea was to move away from the detailed approach to a more loose style, using different brush strokes. Also I had the idea of a painting for a kitchen/diner.

So I set up a breakfast scene, with a freshly boiled egg, (smooth texture, soft colours), toast (rough & warm), salt cellar (transparent & metal), butter (warm & cold??) & honey jar (nice oval shape) all on a tea towel. The composition idea was to move in close, the edges cutting every object and working towards a circular shape. With every object pointing to the next. Pushing the eye around in a circular motion.

Enough talk, here is the finished result. (salt cellar is darker on the original but the shine from the paint is softening it)

eggy breaky


Still life in oils

I’ve been thinking about painting a still life in oils for a while. I’ve only tried them in watercolour until now and I wanted to see if I could get a decent representation of the subject in this medium.

Finding a subject that is emotive and balanced is hard. I should have set up the subject myself but my photography is awful and I wanted to paint something I liked. The image keeps to a range of  warm colours, is a classic composition and is fairly straight forward to paint.

Here is the painting. My next attempt will be from a composition of my own.

still life

Loaf & Jug with Walnut

Hanoi Old Quarter

Below is a painting from our recent holiday to Vietnam. I’ve included the source photo for interest. Its of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, a very vibrant and fascinating part of the city. There should be more traffic but for some reason the street cleared when I took the photo, so I’ve added a couple of bikes. One of the features of Vietnamese towns are the power cables running everywhere, so this has become a main feature of the picture.