Still Life: Eggy Breaky

I really enjoyed the last painting of the Loaf & Jug but feel I need to produce my own original image and composition. I also feel the ‘classic still life’ is a legitimate route but not one I want to really focus on. I felt it lacked spontaneity and did not really reflect a contemporary route.

I really wanted a warm and even humorous picture that was light and used softer tones. The other idea was to move away from the detailed approach to a more loose style, using different brush strokes. Also I had the idea of a painting for a kitchen/diner.

So I set up a breakfast scene, with a freshly boiled egg, (smooth texture, soft colours), toast (rough & warm), salt cellar (transparent & metal), butter (warm & cold??) & honey jar (nice oval shape) all on a tea towel. The composition idea was to move in close, the edges cutting every object and working towards a circular shape. With every object pointing to the next. Pushing the eye around in a circular motion.

Enough talk, here is the finished result. (salt cellar is darker on the original but the shine from the paint is softening it)

eggy breaky


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