My next project is a model of my daughters horse – Candi. I’m now calling these models rather than sculptures as I feel they are representations rather than works of art. The difference is a point of view but one that makes me think I need to move towards art rather than models (craft).

I started with an armature of wire and foil and covered with the Super Sculpey.

Horse 4

The hooves were added later using epoxy putty. Not sure I would do this way again.

Next was to safely harden the clay in the oven, not confusing the temperatures and covering with a grey primer

I’ve added a fence to cover the supporting wire and giving a reason for the horse to jump.

Next painting. I’m using cheap acrylics and they are, I’m finding, not ideal. They are shiny and don’t merge easily. I would be better off with an airbrush but this is an investment I need to decide on for the future. I’ve also discovered a whole sub-culture of model horse painters. I think they are all horse riders/ enthusiasts who want to take their interest into art. They use powdered pastels and layers of lacquer to get the best smooth results.

Horse 5

Happy with some elements of the of modelling but not with the painting. I need to think this through a bit more. It would be interesting to make a mold and see what alternative finishes are out there – marble, granite, metal, monotone…


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  1. Well done! It’s got plenty of life. Quite a change from Hog Roast. I hope Laura approves, do you enjoy doing it. xx

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