Paintings No.2 & No.3

Now I am realising why I’m doing these paintings! It’s not just about painting but about organisation and focus. Already paintings 2 and 3 have gone off track. I’ve not kept to the required process….



Headley Heath Pond

With the above painting I forgot to sketch the composition and premix the paint. I was rushing around and knew I only had an hour so I cut a few corners. The result is fine but next time I must follow the script

No. 3


View over Bocketts Farm from Norbury Park

Well I did follow the script by sketching the composition first, which made a difference. I premixed the paint allowing me to look at the palette of colours before starting to paint. Then I decided to use a palette knife and everything changed. Interesting result but I must return to the process for the next one. (I think)


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