I’ve completed the final painting of my challenge but I still need to continue with my art journey. I’ve been introduced to Roos Schuring, a Dutch Plein Air painter and she provides advice for those looking to improve.

  1. paint a painting in one day, try to complete the painting in one sitting
  2. paint outdoors
  3. paint regularly
  4. paint at least 2 times a week
  5. concentrate on colour, liveliness of mark and strong compositional elements

I plan to follow this advice, and display my work on this blog.

No. 16

I took a photo of this National Trust property on walk with Molly. I photographed the painting by a window and the light was hitting the side but i quite like the effect.


Hatchlands, Surrey



One comment

  1. Well done! I liked them all, but my two favourites are no.4 Highlands Road, and St Mary’s Church Leatherhead. Special mention Frensham Ponds, Mole River, and Wine Glass.
    Interesting that my favourites are both street scenes! Keep at it, you could put them all the way up your stairs….”x

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