13, 14 & 15

I’ve been working on paintings instead of posting them so we have three on this post.

The first is a quick painting of some trees in the Polesden Estate. The sun was rising and hitting the field, with a great slice of light through the frosty field.


Light on trees, Polesden

The next was done Plein Air on Ranmore Common, looking out over the Surrey Hills. The painting was completed outside, a rare event for me and I remembered to add the man walking his dog. This is a larger painting than the small series I’ve been using recently.


Steers Field, Ranmore

The third painting is of  St Mary’s Church, Leatherhead, from a picture taken one winter evening. This painting was started on Thursday and finished Sunday morning. Its been quite a battle and I’ve tried a few techniques to get it to work. Some interesting variations going on, which could work in other paintings.

st marys

St Mary’s Church, Leatherhead

I’ve one more painting to go to complete the challenge…


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