Sold! Pintar Rapido 3rd year running

For the third year running I sold my entry at Pintar Rapido. This annual competition based in Chelsea attracts many professionals and amateurs (including me, 3 years running) with the main remit of painting a London scene in a day. The following day they are exhibited at Chelsea town hall.

Numbers were down again this year and the number of sales was even lighter. I decided to return to the river and take on Albert bridge again. Its a lovely setting and close to the town hall.

It turned out to be a beautiful day but painting outdoors, with the aim of producing my best work, is a real challenge. I normally only sketch outdoors. Changing light and tides, drying winds, hot sun and traffic pollution all added to the task. It was just as well that I had practiced the scene at home…as this helped me overcome many issues as I painted.

photo (5)

I was pleased with the outcome in the end and chuffed that someone bought it!

Here it is framed.


Albert bridge from Chelsea Embankment



  1. Congratulations! Really pleased that you were successful again. It looks a nice painting, and you did the right thing to concentrate on river views. Wish I could have been there! xxm

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  2. Congratulations although I don’t know why you are surprised that your painting sold. It’s really very good and you should sell more

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