Even more Venice

Venice carries on inspiring me and I’m continuing to work on new studies. I’m trying different compositions and techniques to see what is successful.

The top image is of a rather grand but weathered entrance, leading off a narrow canal. The windows have been bricked up and then grills attached. I wonder why.

Below is a picture of a canal leading into the Grand canal. I could navigate through the city by recognizing the brighter light coming from the Grand Canal and lagoon. I wanted to capture this effect with lights and darks.



Finally, I’ve produced another long, thin painting to go with the others, from a previous post. I felt the painting with the tree was in a different style and I needed another image to make up the triptych. I’ve framed the three paintings now and they look great together.


Pintar Rapido tomorrow… I’m preparing for the day’s painting and hope it goes to plan.


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