South Kensington

Excited about an artist I’ve just found on this site, and I’m thinking about how I can take my art away from total Representational. Paul has a philosophy that moves his thinking forward. I’m not there yet but this is a journey (cliche) and I’m starting with a painting.

I want to do well in the summer at Pinto Rapido and so this subject is taken from the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. As always, it starts with a drawing. Here it is. I’m inspired by the different colours in the scene and when included will transform this busy scene. Tonal range will be important as well as perspective. BUMFROPP? – well not all of it but I need to think about these values.

Pencil drawing

South Kensington

Why this particular scene. Well its one that’s typical of the area, it has the tall white buildings, the tube and the Natural History  towers in the back ground. The trees provide green and perspective and there will be other colours included from the buildings. Also not too many cars will spoil the scene. Finally I think there is a space to sit and view this scene PleinAir  without being in the way and hopefully with shade.


This is a little study of the building on the side, with the first tree.

South Kensington

South Ken building and tree

And this one of the tube station, still to add some people.


South Kensington station

Well, here is the almost completed version. Its not come out as expected. The composition is wrong. Far too busy in the background and too simple in the foreground. The trees help perspective but they have become the focus and this is not right. There should be a meaning to the picture if only a sense of mystery or reason. But there is nothing here. Also I’ve tried to get everything into the picture and made it all too small. Perhaps people in the foreground or a London bus, but where? So I need to think it all through again. Better now that on the day.


South Ken


  1. Quite a contrast to Morocco! but I like the buildings and feeling of space, so worth persevering. Are you watching the painting programme on Sunday evening? I’m quite enjoying it and wonder what you think. xx Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015 10:01:14 +0000 To:

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