Carpet Shop

Once again I’ve managed to be both pleased and disappointed. Perhaps its the fact that the painting is over and its not quite achieved the potential I was hoping for. With a painting that takes a bit longer than normal you need to keep your ideas fresh, the vision on track and the momentum going so that a painting is finished.

I think I did lose track of this one. Forgot some of the ideas and composition concepts I was hoping to employ. Its very bright and busy and it might appeal to someone who has been to Morocco.


Carpet Shop with cats




  1. You say ‘cats’ in the plural, but I can only find one! Perhaps my eyes are packing in, or is it two curled up together? Actually I like it very much, lots of strong colour and the leaf shadows are nice on the house. Keep going! x Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2015 15:29:40 +0000 To:

  2. Hi Hugh This looks really good, you should feel pleased with it. You have put so much effort into these paintings and I think they are all great. I am really struggling at the moment with motivation but am not making any effort. So many distractions with our office being at home. It’s my fault I know and I think that’s just an excuse.

    Hope you are well and look forward to catching up with you sometime. I might make it to Janet’s exhibition at the end of the month Regards Lesley

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    1. Hi Lesley, it’s great to hear from you and many thanks for your great comments. It’s hard to get motivated in your normal surroundings. I have my own desk space, with all my equipment close to hand and the photos from Morocco have been really inspirational. I’m going to the exhibition and maybe we can catch up then. Hugh x

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