Thames at Richmond & Hampton

Living near the Thames and growing up both alongside and on it means I’ve a strong connection with it from Weybridge downsstream to Richmond. The sketches for this post were made in early 2014, in the mornings  when there was good weather and before I became too cold.

The first picture is from the Star & Garter Hill, over the looking the bend in the river.  The view is spectacular, with the Surrey Hills, Heathrow and Twickenham Stadium in sight. As I painted this scene a group of canoeists came into view and I managed  to capture them with a few marks.

Line and Wash

River Thames at Richmond

I followed up this theme with trips to Hampton Court Bridge and Kingston. I started at Hampton Court but this will be on another post called ‘Grand Designs’. As the theme is the Thames for this post my next picture is of the rather lovely Hampton Court Bridge. Seen from downstream I made this quick sketch with a picture in mind. I painted the scene again but as a line and wash in my sketchbook at home. I think there is a full watercolour picture here in the future. Tell me what you think.


Hampton Court Bridge


Hampton Court Bridge

For my next picture I really wanted to paint inside Hampton Court but didn’t want to pay for the entrance fee. So I found a small beach overlooking the bridge and I’m really pleased I spent the time here. It’s one of my favourite pictures. Not too busy but with plenty of interest.


Hampton Court Bridge

Whilst I was sitting on the beach there was a lot of activity around me. I didn’t think my presence was causing this much attention and then around the bend of the river came the Royal Barge, Gloriana. I took a quick a couple of photos and when I got home made a quick sketch in my small sketchbook. Standing up on the bridge are three figures. George I, his body guard and  the barge captain.

Royal Barge






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