I renewed my interest in painting and drawing when I started visiting Janet and Peter in Devon, at their art retreat, Brambles. I first went to stay there in November 2010, where Janet started me off with watercolours and Peter gave me a beginners guide to oil painting.

Their inspiration and skills has provided me with the foundation of my art and also the through their holidays the motivation to continue. I’ve been to Greece twice with them and Florence in 2013. I’ve returned to Devon on a number of occasions where I’ve always learnt more, had time to relax and enjoyed the company of the other guests.

Janet is a wonderful cook and I’ve spent many hours in the old kitchen discussing art, life and chilling out. In and around Brambles there are always animals and when there is a spare moment they can be used as models for quick sketches.


Devon cottage


Honey in the studio

Honey in the studio






Flea bitten hen

Flea bitten hen

My next post will contain some of the artwork I’ve produced whilst in Devon……

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