The Rookery

I’m planning a painting of a small hotel near to where I work called the Rookery. As Janet has instructed in previous posts I thought it was best to pre-plan the piece. Looking at composition, tone, colour and detail I’ve worked up some ideas in my sketchbook.

Here is the first page.

First page of ideas

With the first sketches I wanted to make a decision on composition and format.

Portrait or landscape?

Portrait or landscape?

I also worked on colour and tone with the portrait shape.


I knew the shop lettering would be tricky so I sketched a detail of this part of the picture.

Detail of shop front

Detail of shop front

In the end I preferred the landscape shape, making the most of the alleyway, so I drew a more detailed sketch.

Line work before painting

Line work before painting

Next is the scary bit – laying in the washes ….. I’ll tell you how I get on….

Well here it is. The washes have been laid and the sketch is finished. It was tricky to get the brickwork without painting every brick. I ended up using three colors and blending them as I worked, with an undercoat of yellow ochre.



Next, another go using proper watercolour paper, a larger size and a week to work on it. At the moment I need a break from the subject but I plan to return. When I do I will add to this blog.






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