Windsor Blue

Sailing in the Solent

When I was a teenager I used to race dinghies in the Solent with my brother. Always edged with fear and cold it was not a pastime I felt drawn to but it did have its moments. I do remember open spaces, wonderful colours, coastal sights and a sense of awe over the elements.  I’ve been watching a series of excellent Art Tutor videos with Rob Dudley as the artist and tutor. His ‘sparkling water’ reminded me of the  Solent and days on the water and I felt drawn to trying the lesson out.

I’ve added a dingy and crew of a ‘Fireball, which is the class of boat we used to race. I was the one at the front, on the trapeze.

Of course the first attempt with these lesson never goes quite right as you can’t help comparing the perfection of Robs work with my clumsy attempts. However, I’ve learnt new techniques and used a new colour – Windsor Blue (green shade) for the sky, which I love. Also Indigo has been added to my palette.

I’ve  a question about the clouds – do they work? They aren’t as subtle as the tutors and I need many more trials but it would be good for a second opinion.

Fireball sailing

Racing in the Solent