Ponte Vecchio


A glorious holiday drawing and painting in Florence in 2013 was a milestone for me. I learnt new techniques and felt more confident in my work. However, it was not all straightforward as I found it really tricky to paint paintings rather than sketches.

This is of the Ponte Vecchio. I  found a place to sketch, out of the sun and peoples way.

Pencil drawing

Ponte Vecchio, Florence


I was inspired to draw some more in the evening and sat in the main Square drawing the statues

Rape of polyxena

Statue in Florence

I needed to start painting and so set off the next day to another bridge where I found a lovely spot to paint the Ponte Vecchio

Line and wash

Ponte Vecchio

A group of us wanted to try the very complex Duomo. We needed to keep out of the sun and crowds so we found a spot in one of the small alleyways. We sat under a toy shop window until lunch.


Duomo Florence

I painted and drew more during the holiday but found I needed to get home to produce paintings rather than sketches. This is one is looking over Florence at sunset


Sunset over Florence

I used the drawings from the trip to help paint the Ponte Vecchio again


Ponte vecchio