February Studio Work

With the weather being so wet I’ve been working at home on commissions, local scenes, catching up and trying out new techniques.

I was very chuffed to be selected by a group of friends to paint their mate’s boat. It was a challenging commission but I felt I achieved the brief, keeping the boat accurate but enhancing the backdrop.


Hunter 350 off Dorset

Walking Molly everyday about Leatherhead I’ve forced myself to really look at scenes that represent the town/area. I’ve painted three local scenes.

IMG_2341 (2)

Leatherhead from Norbury 

IMG_2340 (2)

Leatherhead Bridge

IMG_2339 (2)

Leatherhead Waterworks

Molly was sunning herself on my bed and I was interested in getting this image in the style of Carl Larsson but only adding colour to the core subject.


Molly sunning herself on the bed

The art group hosted a talk on ancient Roman art and we all had a go at reproducing our own portrait. The main criteria for Roman art seems to be enlarged eyes, mascara, jewellery, simple hair technique and grey background



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