Chertsey Ploughing Match

I visited the 180th Chertsey Ploughing Match on the 24th March and took my plein air oils. I set up under a huge electricity pylon on a wonderful clear sunny morning. The old tractors, horses and mechanical ploughs were all setting up on a large open, flat field close to the river Wey.

A line of tents held refreshments, boy scouts and judges, ready for the exciting day of competitive ploughing. Over the course of the morning I received interest on how I was getting on from the visitors and organisers.

This is the picture I painted on the day, with a little finishing at home.


On the day painting

I’d taken some photos of the the event on the day and used some of them for more finished works in the studio.

Below is an oil painting of the horses Sid & Sam with their owners and dogs.



The painting below is of Sid & Sam again but painted in watercolours



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