Urban Sketching – Barcelona

On a fantastic dancing break to Barcelona I made time to sketch. I’ve not been happy with my sketches earlier this year, they were rather bland and uninspired. Also I’ve not been drawing much as most of my time is spent with the new oil paints. So I set about practicing before the trip and searching for new ideas.

I’ve discovered Ian Sidaway, a wonderful watercolour artist and urban sketcher. His work is stunning and a huge inspiration. As with a lot of talented artists he has worked in design and commercial art plus his own work for a significant period of time. So I don’t have that experience but I can look closely at his work and I’ve already made an exploratory painting from one of his pieces.

I have tried sketching in his style but almost immediately returned to my old style when in the field (street). I’m going to have to be braver in the future and be prepared to fail.

My first sketch was while waiting for the others in the group to wake up. I went out on to the balcony of the AirBnB we had rented and sketched the street scene looking down Diagonal.


Sketch from rear balcony of the apartment looking over Carrer Paris, again waiting for others to rise from their siestas.

Carrer paris2

The next day I walked to Arc Del Triumf and found a comfortable place to sit and sketch. There was a man selling hats and plenty of people around to give interest and scale.

arc del triumf2

Then I found another seat in a Parc close to the Gothic Quarter and drew this in 34 degree heat.


Finally we visited the Sagrada and I managed to get this sketched and painted  in very quick time




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