Oil paintings from Peak District

I’ve been using some new water soluble oils from Jackson’s and I’m liking them a lot. The tubes are large and don’t cost too much, the paint is smooth and blend-able plus the colours are strong. I don’t have to use solvents so there is no smell and they are easy to use Plein Air.

Jacksons aqua oils

I did have a go outside with them but completely messed up the composition and produced a real dud. No picture of it on the this post. So I’ve returned to my desk and am painting scenes from photos I’ve taken on holiday and my walks with Molly.

I’m really enjoying the versatility of oils and the fact they don’t dry instantly. The colours are so much stronger than watercolours and I’m enjoying achieving strong contrasts with them. Also I feel freer to try out different colour combinations and am using purple far more than before.

Two recent paintings. We were walking in the Peak District during the lambing season, the sun was out and it shone on this group, lighting up the ears of the lambs.

Derbyshire lambs

Derbyshire Lambs

One evening we were walking to the local pub along a very quiet lane (Milldale Lane) with the sun setting. Looking behind we saw the hills lit up and this scene spread out.

Milldale Lane

Milldale Lane, Peak District

I’ve some more oil paintings of animals on the go and will share soon…



  1. I do like the sheep, but the mother seems to have gone a funny colour. What are those splodges?

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