Oil painting outdoors

On a recent holiday to the Peak District I took my old Aunts oil box and set up to paint the Viators Bridge on the river Dove. I found a quiet location, beside the river and sat with the box on my knees. Not really knowing how long it would take I established a composition and started with an undercoat of acrylic block painting. This coat dries quickly and allows me more time to move the oil paints, which take days to finally dry.

The issues at hand were: a cold wind, cramped position, fading and/or changing light, a constant sound of moving water (yes I wanted to pee very soon after starting), unknown paints, poor brushes and a line of walkers over the bridge.

I lasted just over an hour before my daughter called me in for lunch. I didn’t bother to photograph the result as it was still in its basic shape. It looked out of focus and very simple. I did take a photo of the scene and finished the painting off at home.

Viators bridge 2

Viators Bridge, Milldale, Derbyshire

Thoughts; its dark, a little fuzzy, and looks better in real life. I’m pleased with the hills (aerial perspective) and bridge (hard to get the texture without painting every stone) and grassy bank on the left . As it was a dull day there are few hard shadows and it does remind me of one of those dusty old Victorian paintings hung in the corner of an old Aunts room. Perhaps my aunt was watching over my shoulder.



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  1. Well done! As you say the hills are good. I like the water and light on the bridge. Good for Stephanie! And keep at it. xm

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