Thorncroft Farm

I’ve been walking past Thorncroft Farm regularly since I arrive here, 18 months ago. First on my own to discover the area, then to convalesce and finally to walk the dog. There is nothing extraordinary about the scene but I’m always drawn to it. It reminds me of the large sky, blues and oranges of some of Pissarro’s works. (L’Avenue, Sydenham).

The tangle of farm buildings, line of lanky trees with mistletoe and mess of elderberry shrubs in front don’t invite time spent on a painting. But I did sketch the scene and to my surprise I liked the outcome. So, yesterday, I set about producing a more finished version.

As usual I’ve drawn inspiration from other artists such as Zbukvic, Tim Wilmot and Geoff Kersey. Wilmot especially paints scenes I would never think of undertaking and this is one reason I took on this subject. I’ve mentioned in recent posts I needed to work on tree lines, buildings and composition, so these are all part of my thinking in this piece.


Thorncroft Farm, Leatherhead

For me the building is a vast improvement to Bosham, the distant tree line more atmospheric and composition better balanced. The elderberry plants are a real tangle in the foreground but I’ve kept them in as they do identify the location and give perspective.



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