Continuing Tango Quest

Over the last 3 years I’ve been trying to find a way to convey Argentine Tango in my art. I’ve found it really tricky to make the dancers appear lifelike, to portray the mood of the dance, especially the embrace and movement.

I’ve looked at other artists and not really seen much I can believe in.

Whilst at Heatherleys other students were using ink and I’ve been trying this medium out myself. I’ve looked at photos of social dancers and worked out a series of ink ‘photo’ portraits. There are two themes: 1) The Embrace 2) Tango positions. I feel that these are unique to Tango and can be recognised instantly by a tango dancer.

Here are some of my pictures.

The Embrace

Tango Positions


As ink ‘photos’ they are moving in the right direction but I believe that they are not a fully formed artistic idea yet. Just painted copies. I’m now following up ideas on how to develop them further.


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