Art Course Work

I’ve been working on more still life at the art college but we have also moved on to landscapes, working from photographs. Slowly the tutor is understanding how I work and what I’m looking to improve. Attending the college provides me with ‘my art time’ and makes me focus on what I want to challenge myself with. Every Thursday is hard work and it takes me a day to recover from the concentration.

The source of inspiration for my landscape paintings have been the walks with Molly. I take a camera with me and I snap away at things that take my attention. However, I’m a really bad photographer and the camera doesn’t really take photos of the views I’m seeing. So a better camera is on the Christmas list.

Below are the paintings I’ve produced in class. They are a mixed bunch but it’s the methods and experiments that I’m learning that are really important.


Yew Tree Farm, Polesden Lacey


Cottage, Headley


Still Life, Jug, Hare and bowl with dried flowers (unfinished)

Next week, self portraits…

Finally I sold a painting at my Art Clubs’ exhibition. It was the Venice Triptych! Yeh…



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