Last of Venice, for now

My final two pictures of Venice couldn’t be more different in style. Both are very busy pictures but treated in different ways. One has harder shadows,stronger colours and much more close-up detail. The other is more romantic, has a wider vision and is much looser in style. Of course I’m critical of both and wondering if there is a happy medium but for now I will study and learn from them and move on.

I walked to the Ponte dell’Accedemia and was hit by the most amazing view of the Grand Canal. I took photos and knew I had to try and paint the view towards the Basilica.

Venice 9

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

The other painting is of a canal scene somewhere in Venice. Loads going on, great reflections and all the things I like to paint; boats, bridges and water.

Venice 6



One comment

  1. Not sure about this one, the water looks a bit ‘lumpy’! and the boats odd, maybe you wanted it like this! I like the other one, and the reflections.


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