Venice Sketches

I’m back from a wonderful 3 days in Venice. A mixture of dancing, art, food and drink. It’s a beautiful city, with so many stunning views. We did get some rain, which cut into our dancing, as it was all outdoors. There was also flooding from very high tides and sunshine on the final day… all adding to the atmosphere of the place. But I did get to dance to an orchestra in St Mark’s Square, briefly.

I found time to sketch with varying results. The big picture never happened. I went out with good intentions but couldn’t settle and made a mess of it. So I kept to small sketches in my watercolour pad. I’m’s very difficult to sketch on the spot.

I did take photos of promising views and it’s inspired me to work on a new range of paintings.

Quick sketches of Venice

Venice sketches

We stayed at a great hotel, which had a landing stage facing out on to the Grand Canal, where we enjoyed drinks in the evening. Stunning! From this wharf I found time to sketch a small scene on the opposite bank, during which there was a small shower or rain. (see umbrellas)

Venice 16 2

Off the Grand Canal

Other sketches..

Venice 16 3

View to St Mark’s & Doges Palace

Venice 16 5

Unfinished canal scene (possible future painting)

Venice 16 4

Campo Dei Frari


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