Verona and Lake Garda

Following a gap in posting on to this blog I’m back with some new art, thoughts and intentions.

I’ve moved house again, travelled to Lake Garda and returned back to work part-time. So a busy month, where I’ve managed to paint and sketch a little.

The trip to Italy started with Verona. I had a day to wander around, draw and dance, before meeting up with the rest of the group. Its a beautiful city, with many sights to photograph and draw. I found a spot by the river to sketch the spectacular bridge and castle.


Castelvecchio Bridge

I moved on to the main square in Verona and had a bite to eat and drink at one of the cafes around it’s edge. I started a sketch of the arena and finished it off at the hotel. With so many arches the wonderful arena is tricky to draw but it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Built by the Romans its still used today as a music venue.


Verona Arena

In the evening I managed to find a local Tango group, after getting lost a little. I had a lovely time with the local tango dancers but had a long walk back to the hotel.

The next day I met up with the group at the airport and travelled to Lake Garda, close to Malcesine. The weather was really warm and we swam in the hotel pool and a couple of us in the lake, its was beautiful. We danced in a castle overlooking the lake in the evening , which was magical.

I managed to draw by the lake side a couple of times and in the town of Malcesine.


Lake Garda

I sat and chatted in the harbor with Sheila as I sketched for this view and was pleased with the finished work.


Malcesine Harbour

During the short stay at Lake Garda we wandered around the towns, drank coffees and ice creams at the cafes and took trips on the various ferries crossing the lake. A wonderful relaxed time. And in the evenings we danced!

On returning home I have worked up some of the sketches and photos into paintings.


Malcesine Harbour



Limone, Lake Garda



Sun setting over Malcesine castle





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  1. Nice to see Malcesine again, glad you enjoyed it and had good weather. Wish I’d visited Verona while I was there!


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