Bavarian welcome

We arrived in Nuremberg in heavy rain rain and trundled our bags across the cobblestones to our hotel. We didn’t have long in the town but saw the usual sites (they call in Dark History). The old town and city walls are pretty and well restored. No time for a painting though. We picked up the hire car, a flashy Audi, and drove West to the typical Bavarian town of Rothenburg. Saved from total destruction in WW2 by sympathetic officers on both sides, it is a stunning town. We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the city walls and had time to wander around, relax and I did manage to paint.

I set up in the afternoon, on the wall, looking across to another part of the city. As a painting location the town is perfect, views from every street and places to sit, out of the way of the large number of tourists. The hotel was close by and I could wander back for refreshments if I wanted. I leaned on the city wall and was ignored by most. I did have a friendly chat with a German couple, and they took a photo of me. The sketch is not quite finished as there is more greenery to place but overall I was pleased.



I sketched a street while I was waiting for food in the evening but it was a bit rushed and not so happy with the outcome.


Rothenburg Street

We moved on to a Bavarian town on the edge of a large lake called Prien am Chiemsee. Why here? Well King Ludwig II decided he wanted to have his own personal Versailles on an island in the lake. Built 200 years after the original in Paris its not finished but what is complete is stunning. It was raining when we went to visit the island and palace so the colours were a little dull. The others went to the museum of the mad prince but I wanted to sketch so I sat in the grounds with an umbrella and produced this….

pen and wash


I looked up to see if there was any local tango and I was in luck. Only 10 minutes away was an open air dance by the lake. I took a taxi there and had a wonderful evening milonga with the locals. Really lovely people and a delight to dance with. I even got a lift back to the hotel!

I found an hour to sit by the lake when the rain had dried up and produced a view across the lake with the mists, mountains, clouds and water. Once again I had a short chat, this time with a lady and her mother while I painted.


Lake Chiemsee

Next post will be on the stunning Southern Bavarian landscape and Austria, none of which I painted!


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