Essaourian fabric seller

I’ve just returned from a spell in hospital and was looking for a picture to get me back to painting. The paintings I’ve been working on from Morocco have been working well and I have really enjoyed the colours, subjects and light from the trip. I’m working from photos of the trip taken my myself and Janet (Brambles) and some of them are really glorious.

This time I’m working from a photo on the Medina at Essaouria, taken by Janet. The colours of the fabric, the position of the arch and the movement of the people all attract me. I’m still confused over BUMFROPP and how to apply these to the painting but there are a couple of clear uses on the painting.

I looked at and drew various compositions but in the end drew most of the picture with the expectation of cropping when I get to frame it. How would you crop?

Essaouria, Morocco

Fabric Seller

It’s certainly different, and I think has an atmosphere. I enjoyed painting the fabric and people but still not sure if the painting works as a whole.



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