Essaouria Medina

I was looking to cheer myself up from the cold January weather and toothache, so I went through my photos of Morocco. I found a picture of an archway in the Essaouria Medina. It has lovely warm colours, depth, and interest in the traders on each side. The shops are busy and I wasn’t sure how detailed I should go.

I’m focusing on composition at the moment and I find this really difficult. I made several sketches and looked at options using the computer screen and decided on a portrait shape with the focus on the archway.

I’ve kept the colours soft with the main shadow under the arch. There is more detail for those who look a little more deeply as I wanted rewards for the viewer and not give everything away immediately.

For those who went to Morocco I hope it captures the essence of the place.

Essouria Morocco Medina

Essaourian Archway

I’ve noticed this picture was not looking very warm so I’ve taken the photo again to match the painting


I think there is quite a difference!


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