Lantern shop

Using the photos from my trip to Essauoria I’ve found a picture of a lantern shop in the medina. Busy, colourful and full of contrasts. Not a straight forward project. From a composition point of view it has an arch, shops and passageway, so the picture is central to the page rather than off centre.

The colours and contrasts will make or break the picture and so I was concerned the busyness would be tricky and just become a fuzzy mess. I’ve been looking at the most wonderful pictures by Carl Larson. He uses outlines to define the edges. Not all with a black line, but with coloured lines. He is a master of efficient line work.

So I’ve rather clunkily used this technique within my own painting style. I think I have a little more to do but need time to think what to do.



Lantern shop




  1. Thanks for the picture, nice colours, not sure about the shadow on the ground, it looks a bit distracting! Fancy you getting keen on Carl Larson, I think you bought me a calendar of his work many years ago. If you ever come across one of his pictures called ‘The Bridge’ do let me know. Hope you enjoy Sorrento, are Laura and Andrew back? love Mx Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 19:20:39 +0000 To:

  2. I remember walking through that tunnelled arch with you and liking the drama and light. You have captured the atmosphere, love the colours !!!!

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