Local Plein Air

Out and about locally with my sketchbook and folding chair on Saturday.

First was a quick study to get me settled in. I didn’t want to drive to a location so I walked around locally for inspiration. The early morning sun was casting great shadows but I knew by the time I got to using the paints it would have changed.

I found the garden for our local Church and settled into a warm up study. The vicar discovered me quite quickly and we had a chat. He monitored my progress throughout the time and was very encouraging. I liked the spot as it had interesting shadows and contrasts. The idea was to work cold and put something down quickly, without too much drawing. I was there about 30 minutes


Local churchyard, a quick study

Having warmed up I went to find a more varied subject and spent more time painting. I’ve been inspired by a Canadian urban sketcher, Marc Taro Holmes. I’ve ordered his book and can’t wait to learn more from his experience. He uses line and wash but his drawing and painting skills are amazing. My attempt of a large Victorian pub is very primitive, with poor washes but I realize it will taking time and plenty of practice.



Local pub

I drew in pencil, drew over the pencil in ink and placed the washes in about 90 minutes. A few interesting people to talk to, including an encouraging church helper who was dead-heading the roses outside the church hall. Painting outside is always tiring and you can’t get the concentration levels possible in the studio. So by the time you get to the washes your brain is in another place and you don’t get the results you want.



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