On a work trip to Lisbon in November 2013 I sketched a view of the harbour, from Edward VII Park. It was a cloudless day but the wind was cold and the trees were turning golden. I sat until I got too cold but felt I had captured the panorama.

Over looking the harbour at Lisbon

Pargue Eduardo V11, Lisbon

Once home I made a couple of sketches from photos I took while walking the city.

Looking towards the Assembly of the Republic

Travessa Arrochela in the Barrio Alto

This painting captures the city levels from street up to the castle, with a tram, taxi and crowded streets, with the shoppers mostly in their winter coats. Viewed from Praca Dom Pedro IV

Tram and castle, Lisbon

Sketch of Lisbon Street

I visited a couple of Milongas in the evening and had a wonderful time dancing.




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